Binge Worthy Books – Part 1 – How I Stay Awake Series


published on April 16, 2020

Over the next couple of days we are going to highlight our favorite ways to stay awake and how those ideas bring joy during a pandemic too. Today we are going to do a deep dive into some of our favorite books.

I love to read, so the hardest part about making these lists was where to start and stop. These are just suggestions from one book lover to another, so please share your ideas with us too!

SIDE NOTE: A book habit can get expensive, so I’m usually a good old fashioned library girl. But, during this strange time (and while nursing, e-readers are slightly easier than a bulky paper book) I rely on the downloadable books my library offers. I also take advantage of the book deals on Amazon every month. If you have a friend that also loves books, consider trading Kindles for a couple of weeks.

Give Me A Hallmark Movie, But with More Kissing

When things are tough I turn to a happy ending tied up with a bow. Under normal circumstances I am here for a great literary novel – one with war and crime and fear and longing. But, during a pandemic or when I’m full of anxiety or over tired, all I really want is a puff piece that is going to make me smile.

These books fit that bill for me. Full of romance, fun characters, perfectly predictable twists.

Bonus, both American Royals and The Royal We have sequels coming out this summer. Slightly South of Simple is the first of a three part series, and anything written by Jasmine Guillory or Christina Lauren is sure to be a delight. So, basically what I’m saying is you have a never ending supply of binge-able love stories. You’re welcome.

Smart Lady Book Club

Rom-coms not your thing? This collection might be more your speed. Heartwarming, heart pounding, heartbreaking stories, that will make you feel something. This list includes stories about World War Two and deep meaningful connections with our fellow humans.

Some, like Beneath A Scarlet Sky are based on real-live super heroes, sure to inspire and give you hope in the power of the human spirit. If that’s not nourishment for a nursing mama, or food for a pandemic, I don’t know what is.

You Look Like You Could Use A Pep Talk

“And suddenly I understand that I am here with everyone who has ever lived and ever loved and ever lost. Right here, inside the ache, with everyone who has ever welcomed a child or held the hand of a dying grandmother or said goodbye to a great love. I am here, with all of them. Inside the ache is the “we.” We can do hard things. Like be alive and love deep and lose it all. Because we can do these hard things alongside everyone who has ever walked the earth with her eyes, arms, and heart wide open.” – Glennon Doyle, Untamed

I read these words and felt all tingly inside. If you could use a breath of inspiration and a good pep talk to keep going, grab a copy of Untamed. And when you finish that, grab another book from this list of brave, wild, and fierce storytellers.

We’d love to get your feedback and highlight the best of the best books that are getting you through this pandemic and helping you stay awake with your newborn.

Share your ideas with us here, and we’ll be glad to give you a shout out!

Making and executing a plan to practice safe sleep and stay awake while caring for your baby takes a whole lot of strength and support, but it also takes guts and creativity and maybe a good book or two. Safe sleep (and pandemics) are hard. But, you and your baby are worth it.