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Babies Sleep At Night, Not All Night

Set An Alarm Every Time You Breastfeed

Safer Sleep Through Connection

Stay Awake While Caring For Your Baby

Sharing A Bed With Your Baby is Dangerous

How To Support a New Parent

Why Safe Sleep?

Room Share Don't Bed Share

What Is Safe Sleep For Babies?

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Our short, animated video series is designed to be the next frontier in safe sleep education. We know new parents are on their phones, it’s time to meet them where they are and use digital consumption as a tool for good.

Designed to be shared through multiple channels (social media, organizational, educational) these videos teach, engage, and promote safe sleep practices. We can’t wait to see where you take them. You can help us make safe sleep a viral conversation.

The Creation Process

  • We started with safe sleep basics as outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics 
  • Added in our Charlie’s Kids’ brand of empathy and deep understanding of the struggles of new parents
  • Hired digital media experts from Scope & Sequence to develop the newest and brightest content in safe sleep education
  • Worked with Cradle Cincinnati to hire Black women to be our thought partners and help guide topics, visuals, and audio voice over
  • Reviewed, tweaked, revised, perfected to deliver the best digital safe sleep series

How to Use The Videos

We’d love to talk to you more about how and where to use these videos, email us at info@charlieskids.org. But, here are just a few ideas to get you started!

  • Instagram, Reels, Facebook, TikTok
  • Waiting Room iPads/TVs
  • Text Message Check-ins
  • YouTube Channel
  • PSA on Local TV
  • Church Lobby TVs/Screens
  • Conversation Starter with Friends
  • Parenting Classes
  • Patient Room iPads/TVs
  • Electronic Billboard in Train/Bus/Airport
  • Paid Ads: Amazon Prime, Facebook, Hulu
  • Program Website
  • Church/Preschool Mom Groups
  • Staff Training Classes

These videos can be used FREE of charge in the standard format with only Charlie’s Kids logo.

Download Videos

Make It Your Own For A Small Fee

  • We believe the best ideas ought to be shared so the final screen of each video is fully customizable to include your logo and contact information.
  • Much like our book, you can help us get these into the hands of caregivers that need the education.
  • For $250/video or $1000 for the entire 9 video series we will drop your logo and contact info into the video so you can use and direct folks to your agency. Helping to connect caregivers to the services and safe sleep resources they need.