Safe Sleep Basics

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How Safe Sleep Basics Addresses the Problem

We know that, when practiced, safe sleep basics saves lives. But solving the issue of sleep-related infant death is more than just preaching a set of safety standards. It is about making sure the caregivers in our community follow safe sleep basics, even when they feel impossibly hard.

In order to do that we must put ourselves in the shoes of sleep-deprived parents and provide real solutions to help them be successful. How are we going to ensure a single, working mother suffering from exhaustion is able to successfully practice safe sleep?

The How to’s of Safe Sleep

Safe sleep is hard. Here’s some ways to make it a little bit easier.

Safe Sleep Flyers

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Safe Sleep Videos

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Babies Sleep At Night, Not All Night

Set An Alarm Every Time You Breastfeed

Safer Sleep Through Connection

Stay Awake While Caring For Your Baby

Sharing A Bed With Your Baby is Dangerous

How To Support a New Parent

Why Safe Sleep?

Room Share Don't Bed Share

What Is Safe Sleep For Babies?

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